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From DilipSimha N M <nmdilipsi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Problem with cache lookup for items on disk
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2010 09:51:10 GMT
It looks like I have the exact problem as discussed some years ago in
this thread:

But in my case, I will not have any remove requests and hence the file
size will not reduce at any point of time.
I wonder if it's possible to have a configuration to split up the disk
files into multiple files and remove these files periodically based on
another new parameter which should limit the no of entries or size in
on-disk file.


On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 3:58 PM, DilipSimha N M <nmdilipsimha@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am unable to use JCS to lookup from disk.
> I want to test it with having a small in-memory size and then insert
> huge number of elements.
> So after inserting  "MaxObjects" number of elements, JCS should start
> storing any more items on disk.
> For now, I do not want purgatory to intervene, so I set it's size to 0.
> I then set isEternal=true, so that none of the items are removed from
> cache(neither from memory nor from disk).
> After inserting 1000 elements, when I check on lookup, I see that
> there are only a few entries(MaxObjects) in cache.
> lookup fails for the rest of the entries.
> In fact, lookup fails for the very first item itself.(If i start
> looking up sequentially from 0-1000)
> Can somebody help me on this please.
> Is this a bug or is the cache configuration not right or is there any
> other reason?
> This is my cache configuration:
> jcs.region.metadataCache=MDC
> jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes=org.apache.jcs.engine.CompositeCacheAttributes
> #jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes.MaxObjects=100
> jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes.MemoryCacheName=org.apache.jcs.engine.memory.lru.LRUMemoryCache
> jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes.UseMemoryShrinker=false
> jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes.MaxMemoryIdleTimeSeconds=60
> jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes.ShrinkerIntervalSeconds=600
> jcs.region.metadataCache.cacheattributes.MaxSpoolPerRun=500
> jcs.region.metadataCache.elementattributes=org.apache.jcs.engine.ElementAttributes
> jcs.region.metadataCache.elementattributes.IsEternal=true
> jcs.region.metadataCache.elementattributes.IsSpool=true
> #jcs.region.metadataCache.elementattributes.MaxLifeSeconds=15
> jcs.region..elementattributes.IsRemote=false
> jcs.default.elementattributes.IsLateral=false
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC=org.apache.jcs.auxiliary.disk.indexed.IndexedDiskCacheFactory
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes=org.apache.jcs.auxiliary.disk.indexed.IndexedDiskCacheAttributes
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.DiskPath=${user.dir}/cache_files/jcs_metadata
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.MaxPurgatorySize=0
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.MaxKeySize=1000000
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.MaxRecycleBinSize=5000
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.OptimizeAtRemoveCount=100000
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.OptimizeOnShutdown=false
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.ClearDiskOnStartup=false
> jcs.auxiliary.MDC.attributes.ShutdownSpoolTimeLimit=60
> thanks,
> Dilip

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