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From Aaron Smuts <asm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: question on isSpool=true
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 03:01:01 GMT
The IsSpool, IsLateral, and IsRemote specify whether an item will be allowed to go to a disk,
lateral, or remote auxiliary respectively.  If there is no disk auxiliary configured, for
instance, the IsSpool value is irrelevant.  By default all three are true.  If you configure
a disk auxiliary, and if IsSpool is true for the item, it will be spooled to disk per the
disk usage pattern.

The default disk usage pattern sends items to disk only when the memory store is full.  In
contrast, the UPDATE disk usage pattern will send all items to disk regardless of whether
or not there is room in memory.

Your description is reversed.  If you are using the LRU memory cache and if you have a size
limit on the memory of 100, the 1st item will be sent to disk when the 101st is added, assuming
that they were never accessed.  If the 1st item was accessed after the 2nd was inserted or
accessed, then the 2nd will be spooled.  The least recently used item will be spooled.


--- On Mon, 12/28/09, GAMERMV@nationwide.com <GAMERMV@nationwide.com> wrote:

> From: GAMERMV@nationwide.com <GAMERMV@nationwide.com>
> Subject: question on isSpool=true
> To: "JCS Users List" <jcs-users@jakarta.apache.org>
> Date: Monday, December 28, 2009, 8:46 AM
> Here is a typical cache region
> configuration for us:
> jcs.region.lookupCache=DC2
> jcs.region.lookupCache.cacheattributes=org.apache.jcs.engine.CompositeCacheAttributes
> jcs.region.lookupCache.cacheattributes.MaxObjects=100
> jcs.region.lookupCache.cacheattributes.MemoryCacheName=org.apache.jcs.engine.memory.lru.LRUMemoryCache
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes=org.apache.jcs.engine.ElementAttributes
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes.IsEternal=false
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes.MaxLifeSeconds=500000
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes.IdleTime=1
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes.IsSpool=true
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes.IsRemote=true
> jcs.region.lookupCache.elementattributes.IsLateral=true
> 1. Can you confirm I am reading this correctly?
> a. Some cached data (anything over 100 objects but within
> the 
> MaxLifeSeconds) will spill to disk, due to IsSpool = true
> b. Although IsRemote and IsLateral are both set to true, it
> really does 
> not mean that cache will be remote or synchronized between
> multiple 
> servers since none of these aspects are configured
> 2. Can you clarify the implications of cached data
> "spilling" over to 
> disk? Once I have 101st object (in the example above) that
> cache 
> determines is going to be cached, does it  mean that,
> when I as a user of 
> this cache region do "getElement(101)", the caching
> framework will:
> a. Determine that 101 is not in the cache
> b. Send 1 LRUed object out to the disk cache (spill
> "cached" data to disk)
> c. Cache in memory element 101
> 3. If the above sequence of events is correct, can I
> presume that 2a, 2b, 
> 2c will be executed synchronously (i.e. the call to
> getElement will be 
> blocking until all a, b, and c operations are complete)?
> asynchronously? 
> Combination of thereof?
> Thank you
> Val

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