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From Jeffrey Kesselman <jef...@gmail.com>
Subject Some preliminary JCS questions
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 00:18:28 GMT

Im looking at maybe using JCS as the guts of a game resource database
distribution scheme.  I need a couple of questions answered to determine ita

(1) I understand that JCS can have effectively master caches, to which thing
can be added, and remote caches that are read only and get updates friom the
master(s).  Am I correct that there can be more then one master and that
they can replicate updates to each other?

(2) If a remote cache is disconnecetd or shut down for some period of time
and then brought abck online, will it sync with its masters' current
contents automatically?

(3) Im looking at perhapse bulding the master into a larger framework that
already has a thread management model,  How does JCS use threads?  Does it
multi-thread? If so, can I get control over therad allocation opr is it
buried deep in the code base?

(4) How does it scale in terms of connectind remotes?  Updates I am
expecting to be infrequent, but I am expecting thousands of remoptes
connected to each master.  Do the remtoes all have to connect to one master
or can the remotes daisy chain?  If they can daisy chain, how do the
discover each iother and what do they do if their parent in the chain fails?


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