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From Hans Liebenberg <h...@cambrient.com>
Subject Lateral Cache - Broadcast Removes only
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 09:34:49 GMT

We currently use JCS on a single instance using a basic memory cache. 
This has worked perfectly for us, but now we have the need for our 
software to reside in a clustered env.
What I essentially want is a TCP Lateral cache where each node's cache 
acts independently of one another using LRUMemory cache, except they 
should broadcast "removes" so that the other nodes can clear the 
specified key in the region.
No need for object serialization across the network, i.e no gets or puts 
need to be broadcasted.

Our code always does a remove before a put, so a simple remove broadcast 
should suffice.

I have experimented with various settings but can't seem to get it right 
so now I am thinking its not actually possible.

I was hoping setting AllowGet=false and Receive=false would do the 
trick, but that seems to block removes too.

I also experimented with the IssueRemoveOnPut but then I get the 
expected back and forth removals between the nodes, i.e only one node 
can have the object cached at anyone time. I know I am then meant to set 
FilterRemoveByHashCode to true, but it won't be easy generating sensible 

So is there any other way to achieve a "broadcast removes only" type 
config? Or any other recommendations?


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