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From Niall Gallagher <ni...@switchfire.com>
Subject Re: Use JCS API to remove certain regions from JCS config programmly?
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 11:27:46 GMT
Hi Ray,

You can configure JCS programmatically. However once an instance of JCS
is running, you can't reconfigure it on the fly.

So your application will need to decide at startup and depending on its
environment how it wants to configure JCS. It can then configure JCS
programmatically by building a Properties object containing the same
settings that you would include in an appropriate ccf file.

For example if your application doesn't need a certain region to be
configured when (say) your deployment team sets a certain system
property, then your code which builds the Properties object can omit the
relevant region.


On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 09:59 -0700, Raybao wrote:

> I'm trying to add JCS into one of my current project. Here are what I have
> done so far.
>  I have created several Regions, and defined them into cache.ccf. Some
> regions I assigned auxiliary.lateral to them, since they need be Sync.ed
> between two servers.  Some regions have no need to be Sync.ed since they are
> "Constants" and values never change after loaded.
>    I have tested it, and it works fine.
>  Now I have a question, we have a systemConfig.properties file to define
> configuration options system wide, 
> I added a new option "UseCacheRegion",  which will be followed by a list of
> region names, separated by comma, then in our application, we have one Cache
> layer on the top of DAO objects,  everytime an object is called from upper
> modules,  the first thing  we check is region which this object belongs is
> "enabled" or not in the systemConifg.preoperties,  if it's not enabled, we
> will skip the Cache layer.
> This works fine except one issue,  For those regions with auxiliary.lateral
> configured in chace.ccf,  
> even they are never called from our java codes,  they are always started
> looking for the remote server by the JCS initalization process.  
> The whole idea is that since we have a separate team other than out
> development team to do the deployment job,  the deployment team is able to
> update systemConfig.properties file to enable/disable certain region, but we
> don't want them to mess up with the cache.ccf.   Once a region is disabled,
> then we don't want JCS to do anything with them.
>  I think I should be able to use JCS API to configure this programmly(be
> able to remove those regions from JCS config, if they are disabled in our
> systemConfig.properties).
> Thanks.
> Ray

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