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From Joshua Szmajda <j...@loki.ws>
Subject Re: Hot / on-the-fly update of config
Date Sun, 25 May 2008 21:09:09 GMT
I have need to track what keys are present in my cache, and I use a 
combination of an ArrayList of what keys I'm using and a lock to avoid 
two servers updating that arraylist simultaneously. I don't track all 
keys in my caches this way, but for the cache where this matters it 
works quite well, and is quick.

It would be convenient if there were an API-level method for creating 
this behavior on certain regions, however. I'd love to see a 
configuration option present. It would be fairly trivial to implement, I 


trekmbikes wrote:
> From Aaron Smuts, developer of JCS, via email:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> I've never encountered your need before--to update the
> element attributes on all the items in the cache. 
> Perhaps there is a better solution to your larger
> problem.
> Retrieving all keys can be problematic if you have a
> remote configuration.  I don't want API calls that
> only work for some configurations.  I'm still thinking
> about this, and have been for some time.
> The best way to to update the element attributes for
> all the items, would be to have the cache do it for
> you.  It can make sure none slip through during the
> process, etc.  This would be expensive for the disk
> cache!  
> Let's move the discussion to the list.
> Aaron

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