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From Hans Liebenberg <h...@cambrient.com>
Subject Memory Cache, with Disk Persistence for initialization
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 08:33:29 GMT

I have been reading through the docs and trying out a few permutations 
of configurations but am still not 100% sure I have solved my needs.

My system has always used LRUMemoryCache only. Which is fast and works 
perfectly for me. The obvious disadvantage is the entire cache being 
destroyed across restarts.
I now have the following requirements:
I effectively want a pure master LRUMemoryCache, but with background 
disk caching for restart initialization, i.e all reads are done from 
LRUMemoryCache , but the LRUMemoryCache cache gets initialized from disk 
on a restart.

 From what I understand the Purgatory system is exactly what I need as 
reads will first check purgatory then disk.

Is it possible to never have to check disk, i.e if its not in ram then 
assume it doesn't exist, the only disk READ should be on initialization?

The reason I ask this is I have set up a load test that hits my system, 
and it seems that alot of reads from cache (disk) is dramatically slower 
then when I use a pure memory cache.
So to sum it up, I want a LRUMemoryCache  with the ability to write 
itself to disk in the background asynchronously so that it can be 
initialized to its previous state (or even part thereof) across restarts.

Thank you for your time

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