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From Michael Stevens <mstev...@etla.org>
Subject IssueRemoveOnPut and back-and-forth removal
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 16:50:20 GMT

Another question about clustered caching and IssueRemoveOnPut.

I have a clustered cache setup with two machines A and
B. IssueRemoveOnPut is enabled so that I don't try to replicate
objects, just ensure obsolete versions are removed from the cache.

Machine A has object 1 cached.
Machine B has object 1 cached.

Machine A updates object 1 and calls put() to store the new version.

Machine B receives a remove (from the put), and removes object 1
from the cache.

Later, Machine B tries to access object id 1, finds it is uncached,
loads it from the database, and stores it in the cache by calling

Machine A receives a remove (from the put!), and removes object 1
from the cache.

Repeat endlessly. How can I stop replacing the invalidated cache entry
from issuing another remove?


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