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From Michael Stevens <mstev...@etla.org>
Subject getting all cache keys
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 14:20:06 GMT

I'm trying to use JCS to setup a clustered cache of database records
which are represented by objects.

So I've got a cache region with:

id | object
1  | object1
2  | object2

and so on.

I'm using IssueRemoveOnPut to simplify the issue of what's replicated
and avoid having to worry about serialization.

I've got the basic clustering working, but the problem I'm having now
is that I want to do two things:

a) Access and update each object individually.

b) Provide the user with a list of all records in the system.

I can't work out how to have both.


a) I cache all the objects as a Map as a single JCS cache entry - this
gives me the ability to provide a list of all of them, but means I
have to regenerate the entire thing on update.

b) I keep each object as a separate cache record - I can update
individual items easily, but I can't get all of them because JCS
doesn't let me get a list of all the entries in a region.


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