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From Dennis Jacobs <djac...@esurg.com>
Subject Limiting queue for remote cache puts
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 19:30:25 GMT
Greetings fellow JCS users,

I've got an issue with the queue for remote cache puts growing very large.
Currently my system uses multiple separate apps using a shared filesystem
for serialized object storage.  My plan is to replace the filesystem with a
number of clustered standalone remote cache servers, and add thin JCS
clients (no memory / disk) to my apps to access the remote cache stores.

One of the applications is responsible for building the objects and sending
them to the remote servers.  The problem is that it is queing puts locally
much faster than the queue is flushed to the remote store, and the memory
usage is growing too rapidly.  I have considered adding the remote server to
this application instead of having it standalone, but I suspect the same
problem will occur with the clustered server updates.

So - 2 questions:
Is there a way to configure my client for this 'builder' application, either
through cache attributes or thread pool:

1)  to increase my remote cache put throughput - to limit the rate at which
the queue grows?

2)  to limit the size of the remote cache queue so that cache puts will
block until the queue is flushed, such as a min/max remote queue size?

This particular client doesn't need to get objects from the cache, so get
performance is not a factor.

Thanks in advance!


Dennis Jacobs
Esurg Corporation

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