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From Marek.Cy...@equifax.com
Subject Proposed changes in JCS cache to shutdown gracefully
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 14:46:45 GMT

Aaron, all,

Here is my proposal of what needs to be changed in JCS cache to gracefully
handle remote cache shutdown when using TCP lateral cache & UDP Discovery

When shutting down one JVM, all other JVMs start reporting lateral cache
errors because they cannot connect to the cache that was just shut down.

Proposed solution:
- add a new message type to UDPDiscoveryMessage.java:
     * Added to handle graceful shutdowns of remote caches
    public static final int SHUTDOWN_BROADCAST = 2;

- modify UDPDiscoveryService to send this message when instance is shutting
down (in the ShutdownObserver#shutdown() method)
- modify code to handle shutdown messages correctly (remove
LateralCacheNoWait from noWaits in the LateralCacheNoWaitFacade)

Attached is source code of all files that I had to modify to get this to
(See attached file: LateralCacheNoWaitFacade.java)
added   public boolean removeNoWait( LateralCacheNoWait noWait ) method

(See attached file: LateralTCPCacheManager.java)
added   public static LateralTCPCacheManager removeInstance(
ITCPLateralCacheAttributes lca, ICompositeCacheManager cacheMgr ) method,

(See attached file: UDPDiscoveryMessage.java)
added new message type:
     * Added to handle graceful shutdowns of remote caches
    public static final int SHUTDOWN_BROADCAST = 2;

(See attached file: UDPDiscoveryService.java)
modified the   public void shutdown() method,
added   protected void serviceShutdownBroadcast() method,
added   protected void removeNoWait( LateralCacheNoWait noWait )
(See attached file: UDPDiscoverySender.java)
added   public void shutdownBroadcast( String host, int port, ArrayList
cacheNames ) throws IOException method

(See attached file: UDPDiscoveryReceiver.java)
modified         public void run() method of MessageHandler

Is there any way I can get these changes incorporated into "official" JCS
cache source code?


Marek Cyzio

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