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From Aaron Smuts <asm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Removing singleton design of JCS
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 15:11:24 GMT
No, we are not currently working on removing the
enforced singleton nature of JCS, but yes it would be 
somewhat useful if you could run multiple instances in
a vm  The only things that rely on the singleton
nature are the remote and lateral listeners.  

I started making changes such that the listeners would
be passed a cache manager on construction.  I think it
is nearly complete.  There are a few static lists and
maps in the various managers that would have to change
too.  We should try to come up with a list and then go
from there.  Any help is, of course, appreciated.

(Yes, JBoss cache is awful.  I've discussed it before
on the list. . . .  EH is a stripped down version of
JCS with almost none of the features.  The orignal
code was JCS about 4 years ago . . . . .  Please don't
get me started.)



--- Denis Pasek <dpasek@100world.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> it would be nice if JCS wouldn't rely on singletons
> (this mainly affects
> the CompositeCacheManager) in the VM / local
> classloader. Scanning the
> source code it should be quite easy to refactor JCS
> to a POJO based
> approach since there are only a few spots where
> classes rely on the
> singleton behaviour of the composite cache manager
> (eg. remote
> listeners). The hooks in the CompositeCacheManager
> for extension (see
> CompositeCacheManager.createInstance() ) won't work
> since these methods
> are static and so don't support polymorphism.
> Scanning the Subversion repository I found a branch
> "removing singleton
> core". Does this mean you're already working on a
> non-singleton version?
> If so, is there a planned release date/version for
> this redesign? Maybe
> I can contribute to this refactoring.
> I think JCS is really a nice cache und compares very
> well to EHCache and
> especially JBossCache. I've worked with these two
> competitors before.
> EHCache is ok, but JBossCache is quite a disaster.
> It has tons of
> dependencies and the source code is a real mess.
> Denis

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