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From Kris Wolff <k...@intra-team.de>
Subject Storing resultsets into cache / reciving problems
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2006 10:38:32 GMT
Hi JCS-Users,

i am new to jcs and played around a few days with it. After i thought  
i can manage this thing, i start to implement caches in my application.
After several "data-missing" tests, i have to rewrite all and restart  
from JCS-Beginning.... So now, 3 Days later i found the issue i do  
not understand.

I have a ArrayList of Results from a Database. If in the Result is a  
String with 255 Charakters everything is good. I can store and recive  
all information from the cache. But if there is a text-fiels (String  
 > 255) i recive an empty object back from the cache. The reciving  
object has the size of 1 (ArrayList), bit the object is empty. The  
save with the sql with 255 String is ok:

Here is a output from my source: (working)
=== setElement 65, char
=== elementProperty obj {element_authorname=Administrator,  
element_author_id=1, element_lastchange=2006-05-28 00:00:00.0,  
element_id=65, element_language=deu, element_value=Schlafen - mal  
ganz wissenschaftlich, element_version=1, element_state=working,  
element_name=char_artikel_einfach_headline, element_colums_id=60}
=== elemKey element_authorname
=== elemKey element_author_id
=== elemKey element_lastchange
=== elemKey element_id
=== elemKey element_language
=== elemKey element_value
=== elemKey element_version
=== elemKey element_state
=== elemKey element_name
=== elemKey element_colums_id
STORE CHAR ELEMENT: char_artikel_einfach_headline

The elementProperty obj is returnd from the cache! The key is:  

Now i change one fild in the DB: VARCHAR(255) to LONGTEXT and get:

=== setElement 56, text
=== type text
=== bloc siize 1
=== elementProperty obj {}

You can see: no key, a empty element.

The code is exactly a copy from above!

What didn't i get - where did i miss the point?
Do you need the code?

Thanx in advanced.

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