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From Russell East <re...@esri.com>
Subject Re: some newbie user questions
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 20:51:25 GMT
I've just started using JCS within a signed Web Start client 
application.  It will be possible for an end-user to start up several 
instances of this client application on the same machine.  JCS seems to 
work fine generally speaking.    I am using it to store http data that I 
download on behalf of the end-user.  I want to basically use it for 
something like a browser cache, so my code uses LRU plus the Indexed 
Disk Cache plugin.   Couple of questions:
    1) I suppose that only one application instance at a time, on a 
particular computer, can reliably use a jcs region, right?
    2) is there any code to synch access to the same cache region within 
2 or more apps running on the same machine?
    3) when the application ends, I call JCS.dispose() which takes 
several seconds to complete, presumably defragging the cache data - is 
there a way to prevent defragging upon dispose?   Would it be advisable 
to do that?
    4) correspondingly, is there a way to flush memory to disk every now 
and then, not necessarily defragging?

That'll will do for starters I think - thanks in advance.   j
-- Russell

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