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From Aaron Smuts <asm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: JCS plugin that serializes the keys?..
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 16:50:58 GMT
You are proposing that we use the separate chaining
hash collision technique.  This is a bit hard to do on
disk, since you can't add another element to the list
(the file) without moving everything else on disk

Perhaps you should try to create a key encoder, if
there are some standard key parts you could encode. 
You'd use the encoded key when doing cache lookups.


--- Vladimir Olenin <VOlenin@cihi.ca> wrote:

> Hi.
> I wonder if there is a plugin available for JCS OR
> if existing Disk
> Plugin can be tuned so, that keys are serialized as
> well, and the only
> thing stored in memory would be a hashcode of the
> original key.
> According to Disk Plugin doc:
>    >>   It maintains the cached data on disk and the
> keys in memory for
> the fastest possible lookup times.
> Currently I need to quick-fix quite badly designed
> application which
> uses insanely long _unique_ String values as keys in
> the cached lookup
> tables. Probably in 50% of the cases the key takes
> up more memory than
> the value itself. It's required to reduce memory
> consumption triplefold
> (ie, from current 500M to at least 150M). Code
> refactoring is not an
> option, since it's too late in the lifecycle.
> I'm exploring the options of 'transparent'
> serialization/deserialization
> of these cached lookup tables to/from hard drive.
> Performance can be
> sacrificed within certain parameters, so want to
> keep my options open,
> hence the question.
> Providing the default String.hashCode() value should
> be quite unique and
> very few collisions should happen (btw, does anyone
> has some stats on
> this one?), it should be possible to have instead
> of:
> key_in_memory -> value_on_disk
> structure, the structure below:
> key_in_memory.hashCode --> map_entries_on_disk{key,
> value}
> which would load one or many entries from disk,
> after which possible
> collisions can be resolved programmatically in code
> through 'equals'
> call.
> Does anyone have any insight into this kind of
> problem? Has this already
> been done? Any approximations on performance
> degradation if key is
> serialized together with value (vs 'just value'
> serialization)?
> Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
> Vlad

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