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From Timo Nentwig <tnent...@verisign.com>
Subject Re: Storing disk cache on NFS
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:51:14 GMT
Aaron Smuts wrote:
>> I forgot to mention that we wrote our own disk cache
>> which simply
>> stores every cache item in a single file on disk
>> (groups are directories).
> I thought of making an implementation like that, but
> it can make too many files.   . . .  The indexed disk

Some ten thousands, yes. But since most of the cache is held
in memory this is no problem.

> cache is the fastest way to go.  It's keeps a handle
> on the data file and just skips into position to read.

We emphasize on persistence. We also patched JCS to write cache items
immediately to disk and not wait until memory "flows over".

It's important for us that in case of server crashes or whatever we
can restart the server and it gets up - which it doesn't in high-traffic
situation without cache.

> Yes, of course.  You don't use your OLTP database for
> the cache.  You run additional MySQL instances for
> cached data . . .  For JCS I run a remote server
> cluster.  Each is backed by its own MySQL instance
> running on the same box as the JCS server.  

Okay, so I'm going to have a shot at the NFS idea and if it
fails I'll try this.

Thanks a lot!

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