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From Aaron Smuts <asm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Storage of objects in DC?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:15:14 GMT
There is a lot of documentation on the web site that
you will find useful.

The JCS home page is here:

You can read more about the indexed disk cache here:

To answer your questions:

Items are put to disk when the max memory size is
reached.  If your memory size is 0, then all items
will go to disk.

There are 4 types of auxiliaries: memory, disk,
lateral, and remote.  Every region must have a memory
auxiliary defined, but you can disable it by setting
the size to 0.  Items are only sent to disk type
auxiliaries when the max memory size is reached. 
Items are sent to the other auxiliaries whenever they
are put into the cache.  Retrievals take place in the
order you  configure the auxiliaries.  If you have a
disk and a remote auxiliary defined in that order,
then JCS will look in memory.  If it isn't there, it
will look to the disk auxiliary.  If it doesn't return
the item, JCS will then look to the remote . .. 
(I'll add this to the faq.)



--- "Emandi, Srinivasrao"
<srinivas.emandi@logicacmg.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> 	I m new to JCS, i need some clarifiaction regarding
> the storage of the objects in DC.
> 	1)When does DC comes into picture?
> 	2)If I specify both DC and Remote RMI Cache in my
> region, then In what situations these two works?
> 	3) If the DC path is
> 		then where does the objects get stored( i had
> tested with this path but i was not able to get the
> data which exceeds max objects)
> Can anyone please clarify these question or send
> some links where i can get some info about the
> Caching
> Regards,
> Sri
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> Thank you.

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