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From "Smuts, Aaron" <Aaron.Sm...@travelocity.com>
Subject Time for a release, new JCS Site Docs, new and Minor Version, new JDBC disk cache
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 19:11:39 GMT
It's time for a release.  We need to get the latest JCS code into the
maven repositories.  I want to release the current version (i.e.
head) as JCS-  Please give me your +1

Every JCS auxiliary is in great shape.  The TCP lateral, the RMI remote
server, the Indexed disk cache, and the new JDBC disk cache are all
working very well in high demand production environments.  I'm using all
4 personally.  The JCS documentation is fairly comprehensive, complete
with a new getting started guide.  

I added two new pages today, detailing most of the configuration options
for the remote cache client and the JDBC disk cache.  I will add another
page explaining how to setup the disk cache.



I've made several improvements to JCS in the last few weeks.  Most of
them are documented on the changes page.


Using the JDBC disk cache backed by MYSql, I've been able to create a
reliable and highly scalable remote cache cluster.  I've been able to
get over 400 insertions into the remote cache cluster (of two servers)
per second, while retrieving close to the same number of records at the
same time.  The JDBC disk cache is working well at over 3 million large
records in a MYISAM MYSql store, configured for over 4GB of disk space.

The new remote client configuration option that allows you to use the
remote cache as a remote object store (you can send to and get from, but
not receive notifications).  Since the remote cluster allows you to
divide the get load amongst the various servers, you can scale if you
data is retrieved more than it is read.  



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