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From Aaron Smuts <asm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Dangling objects when disk caching fails
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 21:30:39 GMT
Did you have any errors in the logs?  

Did you change the file permissions after the cache
started up?  Typically the cache itself creates those
files, so it would have permission.  You must have
copied them from somewhere else?

How do you know the objects were still in memory? 
What you did, I guess, contrasting the broken with the
functional situation, sounds like an ok method.  

I assume that the objects never left purgatory when
the disk failed in this manner.  Perhaps the event
queue where objects in purgatory live was not cleared.
 I'll look into it.  


--- "Wyatt, Allen" <Allen.Wyatt@travelocity.com>

> I think I've encountered a situation where JCS keeps
> references to
> objects that it can not write to disk even though
> clients of JCS can't
> access the objects (dangling references chewing up
> memory).
> In my test, I made the file used by the disk cache
> for a region unusable
> (changed its permissions so it couldn't be read from
> or written to).  I
> put several objects in the cache region and waited
> for them to be
> spooled to disk.  My test could no longer get them
> from JCS, but they
> still existed in memory.  When I changed the file
> used by the disk cache
> to being usable (readable/writable) and tried my
> test, the objects were
> removed from memory after being put to disk.
> Is this a known problem?  Is there a version of JCS
> that has addressed
> it?  I guess you could say the solution is to never
> let your disk files
> become unusable, but is there a solution where the
> code can handle this
> better (not leaving dangling references to cached
> objects)?

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