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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: General Query on Caching & JCS
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 05:39:09 GMT
Can you please stop cross-posting your questions - they should be posted 
to the one relevant mailing list, in this case jcs-user.



K.Anand Kumar wrote:

>Hello All,
>        Here are some of my queries in JCS caching...
>1. If i load the no. of objects into the cache more than as what i specified for 
>jcs.region.jcsCache.cacheattributes.MaxObjects, then when retirening back from the cache,
no datas are available. Say for example, when i set the value as 10 and when i try to load
more than or equal to 10, then when retrieving back, i couldn't able to get the single or
lastly stored 9 values. Whereas i load the datas less than 10, then i can.
>2. Is there any other value can be set to jcs.region.jcsCache.cacheattributes.MemoryCacheName,
other than LRUMemoryCache.
>3. Is the JCS is fully developed to use it for any production, or still in development
>4. Is there any other available caching techniques available in the market as in open
source to fulfill my need (My Need : In my application, I need to hit the db for around 1000
fetches from 15 - 20 tables, and 1000 insertion/updation in 5 - 8 tables, in a minute, to
produce the output to the user within some minimum time period from the time of user request).
If so, could u pls send my some helpful tips.
>Awaiting for the solution from the experts.
>K.Anand Kumar

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