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From Travis Savo <ts...@IFILM.com>
Subject RE: Moving forward with JCS
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 00:13:28 GMT
Sorry. That really should read:

diff -r1.5 LateralTCPSender.java
<         oos.writeObject(led);
>       	if (socket.getInputStream().available() > 0) {
>       		socket.getInputStream().read(new
>       	}
>       	oos.writeObject(led);

I'll get it right eventually...

-Travis Savo

>A quick and dirty fix for this would be to add the following at line 228 of
>LateralTCPSender (right after the try{, but before we send the request):


>This will read anything that hasn't been read already (and discards it),
>THEN sends the request, and reads the result.

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