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From Travis Savo <ts...@IFILM.com>
Subject Finally, JCS updated links.
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 00:48:33 GMT
Whereas the demand for my updated code was greater than expected;
Whereas I'm getting tired of sending 4 meg worth of attachments to everyone;
Whereas some people can't receive 4 meg worth of attachments;
Whereas some people probably think this whole thread is a Yet Another April
Fools Joke;

I've allocated some space on my server and am making the code available for
all to download via HTTP.

Please don't slashdot this, please don't download it 500 million times, and
please don't kill me if at some point in the future (after I get
everything's published for real) it goes away.

It's not complete by my standards... there's not enough javadoc and
documentation for a 1.0 release. But the code itself is being used heavily,
WITH 4 remote caches, in a 50 server webfarm, and it's beautiful.

Here you go: JCS with no memory leak, no deadlocking disk cache, and a bug
free(?) and significantly improved remote cache.


Also the link to the EHCache with disk persistence.


Taking the EHCache persistent disk store and patching it for JCS is left as
an exercise to the reader, but as they now share very common code bases (the
JCS above uses the original EHCache DiskStore, and the persistent DiskStore
is just a mod to that), it should be fairly trivial.

Any and all comments are welcome. My goal is to get this stuff remerged into
the main JCS codebase, but would love some assistance and feedback before I
make it that far.

-Travis Savo

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