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From Travis Savo <ts...@IFILM.com>
Subject JCS fixes/branch
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 22:36:14 GMT
Looks like my first aptempt didn't make it to the list, so I'll post again.
Sorry if this is repetative....

Hi, my name's Travis Savo. I've been a JCS user/developer for about 6 months

I originally started using it because the project I was working on was using
Hibernate, which used JCS as it's caching mechanism.

I found it to be a wonderful product on the surface, but when I tried to use
some of it's more advanced features, namely RemoteCache, I ran into barrier
after barrier.

Yes, there is a memory leak in the memory store. The linked list can become
a different size than the hash map.

Yes, there's deadlocks in the IndexedDiskCache.

There's bugs in removing things from Remote Cache too, and other little
pesky bugs that pop up only on rare occasions when used it new and exciting

So I patched up the bugs in remote cache, changed the use of threads to be
MUCH more conservative in remote cache (Try running a remote cache with 1000
regions and watch the threads spawn in the original!), removed all the
instances of double-checked locking, ripped out the IndexedDiskCache and
replaced it with EHCache's disk store, ripped out the LRUMemoryCache and
replaced it with EHCache's MemoryStore, added some better stastics
collection which can be completely disabled for 'lean and mean mode', and
was in the process of fixing up the Javadoc, writing some documentation on
how to properly make use of RemoteCache and LateralCache (and when to use
them) and preparing to present it to the world when I saw that there were
other people out there who were having the same problems as me.

The thing I noticed was EHCache's code was much cleaner, has unit tests for
it, and was doing exactly the same thing in essence that JCS was trying to
do (LRU memory store, indexed disk cache). Porting them over was
surprisingly simple, and the result was that the memory leaks and deadlocks
have disappeared, but the original functionality AND INTERFACES remains

So while I prepare the result of my efforts for public presentation, I
invite you to email me, and I will send you a zip of the source code so you
can compare and critique my efforts. My goal was to get it working, stable,
and useable in a production environment, without changing any of the public
interfaces, and in fact only changing what was broken, which I believe I
have accomplished.

My email address is tsavo@ifilm.com. The zip is a little over 2 meg,
includes all dependencies, and is a drop-in replacement for anything using
JCS (minus the above mentioned bugs).

I do indent to start hosting this public ally once I've completed the
documentation, but if you want it now just let me know.

Hope this is of some assistance to someone!

-Travis Savo <tsavo@ifilm.com>

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