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From "Christian Kreutzfeldt" <kreutzfe...@subshell.com>
Subject Re: Project status
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 09:12:25 GMT

> The points are:
> 1/ Is this project still maintained ?
Well, sometimes there is heavy traffic on the
mailing list, but in some way you're right, the
discussions are only discussions.....

> 2/ Why does'nt it is considered as a real project in the apache
>     (and accessed maybe in db, has releases for its own) ?
This question has been discussed as well. It would be
much better for the development progress if
the project would be considered as a 'real' project,
especially because it would raise the interest in it.

> 3/ I saw there has been a fork to create EHCache
> (http://ehcache.sourceforge.net/)
>  and that they state there were problems in threading and memory
> leaks. Can i  have some comments on that ?
I checked the page and I could not find any hint
on a specific leak although they've stated that there
are leaks.

> 4/ i saw in CVS that there is no more activity since a long time. Has the
> project  reached its final status ?
NO! There are problems, especially with the
disk cache. I posted a fix three times and
there wasn't any discussion about it at all.
I am tired of posting it again, again and again
thus I started a small project on my own to
meet my requirements.
I would like to see more activity on this
project too, because it can be used in quite
a lot situations. A primary goal must be to
eliminate show stoppers like the one in the
disk cache and start profiling to find the
memory leaks mentioned by the people of

> There are other open source projects for
> distributed cache systems, but the great
> feature i like about JCS is the remote cache
> and the ability to connect
> the remote cache to another remote cache
> aso... leading to very effective
> use of network bandwidth when using this in
> a network with a star topology.
Yupp, this is definately a big PRO for this caching


Christian Kreutzfeldt

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