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From Matthew Cooke <mpcoo...@lineone.net>
Subject Cache returning unexpected items.
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:26:28 GMT
This is probably a bit of a shot in the dark, but I'll ask on the off 
chance anyone has any ideas.

Last week I replaced our "developed in house" caching solution with JCS.
JCS was configured with two LTCP caches and a DC. (LTCP1, LTCP2, DC)

During testing the cache returned the same results as a our in house 
caching solution.
So, we left it running on a subset of our production servers over the 

Unfortunately on saturday, possibly after restarting some of the caches 
it appears that JCS started returning the wrong Value for a given Key. 
This was quite unfortunate to say the least, the cache contained 
commercially sensitive data.  Customers started seeing other clients 
data. "clientName" was one of the properties we keyed on.

We are keying on an object that basically wraps a java.util.hashtable 
which should serialize all it's data. I fail to see how under any 
circumstances JCS could return the wrong value

Anyone have any ideas? We didn't see this behaviour during testing 


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