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From "Jack Gao" <wei...@hotmail.com>
Subject Question about key object.
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 00:20:11 GMT
Hi, there

I'm pretty new with JCS, and I have some question about key object in JCS 

I'm try to use my own object as key for JCS cache system. And this object 
declared as PrimaryKey interface, will generate dynamically. It's may 
include a ID, may include more complex properties.

But when I use this dynamic generated key object to retrieve object from 
cache, I can not get it, it just return me null. But I'm sure the object is 
in cache.

So I think maybe I need to write my own equals() and hashCode() method to 
make it force check if the keys are same. But even I overwrite equals() and 
hashCode(), it still can not found and these two method never been called.

Do I had to use exactlly same object as key to store and retrieve object to 
and from JCS cache system?



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