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From Christian Kreutzfeldt <christian.kreutzfe...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Indexed Disk Cache Configuration
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 07:55:54 GMT
On Thursday 15 January 2004 07:28, ankur.kumar@axa.com.au wrote:

>> All of the keys are kept in memory in JCS.  That is why the keys file
>> remains at 0.
> As per the source code of IndexedDiskCache, keys can also be saved and
> retrieved to disk and not necessarily be maintained in memory.
Yeah, I encountered that problem a while ago too when we tried to use the
JCS caching system for a load balanced website. 
According to some people on this list, the key and the data file should be 
written at shutdown. Unfortunately, the key file cannot be written since the
flag which indicates that the software performs a shutdown is questioned
before writing the file. Since the flag has been set to false before and the
check is on "equals true" the code which stores the keys cannot be executed.
A time ago I posted a fix but never got any feedback.


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