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From Neil Avery <NAv...@thoughtworks.com>
Subject Is Remote Cache working?
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 16:33:03 GMT

Hi All,
Ive been digging around the JCS code and have managed to get everything
working (lateralTCP, JGroup, IndexedDisk) apart from the RemoteCache. After
looking through the code  it seems somewhat out-of-date  - i,e,
configuration management - (apols if Im incorrect).  Ive build the RMI
stub, modified the scripts and hacked about with the properties files to
get it to work and now the security manager throws an exception creating an
IDC (access denited etc).

 While I figure this out - I was wondering if anyone else has had success
and if so have any mods/patched been applied.
Regards Neil.

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