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From "Honig, Daniel" <DHo...@tiaa-cref.org>
Subject RE: Changing the default configuration behaviour
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 00:16:20 GMT
I think it would be cleaner to have 

 configure(String){} call a new method configure(InputStream).

 Configure(String) should just build an InputStream and invoke
with the stream it got from the classpath or filesystem.
configure(inputstream) would then
do the work.

I didn't take this approach due to time, I just slapped this together though
and for now it seems to work fairly well.
I can submit the patch in the form I mentioned above or just go with this:
     * Configure from specific properties file
     * @param propFile Path <u>within classpath</u> to load configuration
    public void configure( String propFile )
        log.debug( "Creating cache manager from config file: " + propFile );
        Properties props = new Properties();

        InputStream is=null;
			//Check to see if we can get the file in propFile
from the claspath.
			//If not check the fileSystem for(propFile)
			is=getClass().getResourceAsStream( propFile );
		        is = new FileInputStream(new File(propFile));

            props.load( is );

            if ( log.isDebugEnabled() )
                log.debug( "File contained " + props.size() + " properties"
        catch ( IOException ex )
            log.error( "Failed to load properties", ex );
            throw new IllegalStateException( ex.getMessage() );
            catch ( Exception ignore )
                // Ignored

        configure( props );


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From: James Taylor [mailto:james@jamestaylor.org]
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 3:21 PM
To: Turbine JCS Users List
Subject: Re: Changing the default configuration behaviour

I think it would be perfectly reasonable to change
CompositeCacheManager#configure( String ) to attempt to load from the
filesystem if the config is not found in the classpath. That method could
easily be refactored to create a new version accepting an InputStream. I
have no objection to applying a patch which did either or both of these

-- jt

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