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From "Heinz Drews" <he...@drews.tc>
Subject To clone or not to clone
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 12:49:30 GMT

In an earlier message I wrote that I will not answer any more to the other
And because the other topic was not correctly describing the matter anyhow
I start a new one.

> Implementation is easy when it is the right idea.  Arriving to the right
> idea, however, is hard.  And getting the right idea across to others
> sometimes is harder.

An idea does not get right by simply repeating it.

Please just read the chapter 3.1 of the JCache documentation.
It clearly says that objects should be shared, one instance per process.
And the desired functionality of synchronization cross multiple processes is
achievable if there is only a single instance under the control of
the cache manager.

It is my opinion that if an object is cloned the implementation is not
longer a Cache.
And cloning would make the implementation useless for my projects.

A second time now this attempt:
What has gone wrong in your application that introduced the idea cloning
would be
the panacea?

Best regards,

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