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From Aaron Smuts <aasm...@wisc.edu>
Subject RE: Why a cached object must be Serializable
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 13:45:41 GMT

I assume the problem Hanson encountered is something like this:  A
program was using an object retrieved from the cache.  Another instance
of same program or another program modified the object at the same time.
This probably caused some bugs that were very difficult to duplicate and
track down.  

Since the cache passes its contents by reference, such errors are very
likely to happen unless they are prevented programmatically.  
----The question is whether this should be done inside or outside the

I don't see why this should be the responsibility of the cache.  Though
it should, at least, be highlighted in the documentation.  We can come
back to this later.

A second problem is that the cache is setup for distribution and
spooling to disk.  Both of these features require serializable objects.
Sometimes people might want to just store non-serializable objects in
memory though.  ----The question is whether the cache access methods
should require serializable objects or not.   

(I should point out that Hanson authored significant portions of an
early version of JCS and came up with many of the features.)

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