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From "Sunil Pandit" <spand...@csc.com>
Subject Is this defect ???
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 19:43:37 GMT
Hello JCS Users

I came across an interesting defect in JCS .
During an Initialization of JCS instance when it creates a CompositeCache
instance, It creates an instance of ElementEventQueue. ElementEventQueue
further creates a thread in form of an instance of QProcessor.
This thread is never destroyed. If we test our application  under heavy
load we found that several of these threads remain active. This thread is
created per instance of CompositeCache and therefore should be destroyed
when the composite cache is disposed.

Also there is one more defect in JCS in same context. To correct the above
defect I thought I can use  ElementEventQueue::Destroy method which calls
interrupt on QProcessor. The run method for this thread calls
Thread::Destroy method which is unimplemented in JDK 1.4 . So we just
modified the run method to set the destroy flag to true on Interrupt event
so that the thread can gracefully exit.

Can JCS team throw some light on this issue ?


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