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From "Pankaj Mandal -X \(pmandal - Ahura Inc. at Cisco\)" <pman...@cisco.com>
Subject RE: State of Slide project
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 23:14:47 GMT
 Hi Guys,

I have integrated slide with one of our application and was hoping to be
able to make some minor updates to suit some of our needs, but you are
right the code base does look to be complicated, also documentation is
very little with practically no real examples on how to build something
on top of it, or where to even start from.

Knowing that this project won't be sustained is kind of disappointing.
Some people did put a lot of work and I hope it is useful for someone or
some application atleast.


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From: Oliver Zeigermann [mailto:oliver.zeigermann@gmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 4:08 PM
To: Jakarta General List; hps@intermeta.de
Subject: Re: State of Slide project

They disappeared one after another after learning about the complexity
of the Slide code. As discussed in another thread OS is about fun and
passion. It is hard to keep up fun with such a complicated and partially
confusing code base, though. If Slide was a commercial project it would
certainly be kept going....


2006/7/31, Henning Schmiedehausen <hps@intermeta.de>:
> This raises an interesting question:
> Before the umbrella permissions for Jakarta were installed, slide had 
> (and probably still has but without the subversion access file it is 
> much harder to find out :-( ) 33 (!) committers with write access.
> Where did all these people go?
>         Best regards
>                 Henning
> On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 08:44 -0400, Darren Hartford wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I've been watching Slide for close to two years as a user/integrator

> > for document & content management.  Here is my two cents as an 
> > end-user of the project:
> >
> > *WebDAV is great for document and content management, and Jakarta 
> > Slide is the only project that fully supports this.  The JCR may be 
> > nice, but it is java-specific and when dealing with document & 
> > content management, WebDAV is language agnostic and a better 
> > approach.  There are also a lot of tools that recognize and use 
> > WebDAV and not JCR (including .NET support for WebDAV).
> >
> > *Mailing List usage is dwindling, but I believe it is not because 
> > people don't want the project to thrive as much as frustration with 
> > the mailing list. There have been some key individuals (like Oliver)

> > who have definitely helped, but they are few.
> >
> > *Part of the problem is that Jakarta Slide codebase is extremely 
> > abstracted and complex to follow -- not that abstract hasn't 
> > benefited it, but it is difficult for people to get 
> > started/understand the codebase.  As for usage/configuration, 
> > examples of full implementations don't exist, only snippets that 
> > don't necessarily correlate with other snippets.  Although once 
> > someone has digested all the snippets they can move forward, someone
new would find this daunting.
> >
> > *Jakarta Slide is dormant - there have been a number of key and very

> > important fixes and enhancements made since the 2004 release of 
> > slide 2.1, but these enhancements and fixes continue to be only 
> > within the SCM
> > -- no releases have been made with these changes leaving users 
> > forced to always build from the SCM to get these fixes and features 
> > -- new users not familiar with Slide or the process may have poor 
> > impressions based on the 2004 binary versus what is available in the

> > SCM.  Also, dormant from the standpoint of a number of bugs left in
> >
> > *Jackrabbit vs Slide - I am looking forward to transistion to 
> > Jackrabbit, but **the Slide project must maintain visibility until 
> > Jackrabbit can equally support WebDAV**, this includes the DASL 
> > <basicsearch> searching component that is a recognized standard.  
> > Yes, I recognize the JCR does support Xquery, but tools that work 
> > with WebDAV (i.e. web publishing tools both open source and 
> > commercial, document management/knowledge management solutions using

> > WebDAV repositories) don't support this, and for document & content 
> > management the DASL <basicsearch> and the rest of WebDAV are a
> >
> > In summary, please keep Jakarta Slide visible until the Jackrabbit 
> > project can replace the WebDAV functionality found in Slide.  In 
> > addition, a transition tool to move Jakarta Slide repositories to 
> > Jackrabbit would be a huge benefit to those users out there still 
> > using Slide.
> >
> > Thank you,
> > -D
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