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From "Tim O'Brien" <tobr...@discursive.com>
Subject RE: [draft] SD Magazine: request for change
Date Sun, 20 Mar 2005 14:06:56 GMT

> On the -1's (or at least the negative opinions to this), we 
> have Tim who thinks that it's a waste to talk to SD and we 
> should focus on making sure the branding message is clearer.

Henri, I'm not -1, you can send it if you want.  You are (after all)
Jakarta. :-) 

I just wanted to voice the opinion that I don't think it constructive.
Emotions on the whole JBoss/Apache issue run high, let's leave SD
magazine out of it, and try to get JBoss to start calling it Apache
Tomcat.  Even though I know many think it an impossible task, let's
resolve to sit down with someone from JBoss and hammer out the central
issues like the "Apache Tomcat" trademark.


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