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From tobr...@transolutions.net (O'brien, Tim)
Subject A suggestion for Scarab
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 14:18:30 GMT
What is nice about Apache is the transparency of the process, you don't
have to be a member of some specially selected club to see the process
of development.  There is anonymous access to the CVS repositories and
anyone can sign on to the mailing lists.  In effect, no one has to
approve a request to join a mailing list, checkout via anoncvs.   If
*Bill Gates* wanted to do a full checkout of the latest source of
jakarta-ojb, he doesn't need to ask permission.

One signs up for Bugzilla, get's a password in the email, and then can
quickly see bug reports for everything, and submit new bugs, etc.
Someone signs up for Scarab, and is presented with a system by which
they can request to be associated with certain projects.

Could someone put a note on that Login pages of Scarab that lets people
know what the roles mean (what is a Partner, do we ever expect to have a
Partner?), and that if one requests "Developer" role in any project that
will be granted immediately.  Basically, my beef is that there is a
*perceived* barrier to entry here, when in fact there absolutely none.

( Also, don't get me wrong Scarab is a great thing.  I'm noticing that
Bugzilla doesn't scale well with all the projects/versions/components,
etc....  )

Tim O'Brien 
W 847-574-2143
M 847-863-7045

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