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From d...@multitask.com.au
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Tapestry joins Jakarta
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 01:07:06 GMT
John McNally <jmcnally@collab.net> wrote on 20/10/2002 04:29:17 AM:

> As much as I hate it, JSP is the recognized standard for webapp
> development.  Jakarta's development of a general purpose java templating
> technology, Velocity, is a valid alternative and is not even in direct
> conflict with JSP.  But it is a simple, powerful alternative to JSP as
> well. Does tapestry give us another alternate template system that is
> only usable within the framework?

No, and that's where tapestry is different. Tapestry is a component 
framework, not a template engine. Think Swing components as an example.

> Granted I could try to investigate Tapestry in depth to answer all my
> reservations, but I'm busy and on the surface the project seems to
> overlap several existing projects.  My -1 is not a statement that
> Turbine (or Struts, Velocity, Avalon) should not have any competitors
> within Jakarta.  I would prefer that Tapestry make the case that it
> offers something that these projects do not and I don't think the
> original proposal makes the case forcefully enough.

I've looked @ Tapestry in quite a bit of detail, and it does offer 
something different to Struts and Turbine, in that it focusses squarely on 
components and reuse.

There is a dearth of reusable components for Struts, simply because the 
JSP model doesn't lend itself to components very well, hence JSPTL and 

Turbine has good component support for non-GUI components, but the 
template engine again doesn't lend itself to component embedding and 

My 2c Aus....
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
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