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From Rich Persaud <pers...@b8d.net>
Subject re[2]: Concern about the future of Apache
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2002 07:33:58 GMT
Those evaluating re-orgs should revisit Christopher Alexander's "Pattern Language", the inspiration
for Gabriel's "Patterns of Software" and OO "design patterns":

>From http://www.patternlanguage.com/leveltwo/patternsframegreen.htm?/leveltwo/../apl/twopanelnlb.htm
"The language begins with patterns that define towns and communities. These patterns can never
be designed or built in one fell swoop - but patient piecemeal growth, designed in such a
way that every individual act is always helping to create or generate these larger global
patterns, will, slowly and surely, over the years, make a community that has these global
patterns in it."

Social space is not a bug.   In the long-term, social identity is polymorphic with respect
to semantic identity.  Flip through a few centuries of history to find supporting evidence.
  Consider Apache's external identity, relative to all other open-source projects.  Which
is more stable: semantic or social identity?  An internal re-org may reduce semantic learning
(for newbies or external groups) at the expense of mutilating social boundaries.  Or not.
 I don't have enough history in Apache to know the answer.  But social space matters.

SNA reading: http://semanticstudios.com/publications/semantics/000006.php


|  I'm aware of that... what does that have to do with the message I
|  forwarded or the proposed reorganization which makes all jakarta
|  projects top level projects and phases jakarta out (basically)...

|  -Andy

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