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From Randy Layman <randy.lay...@aswethink.com>
Subject RE: [OT] Servlets better for most companies!
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 10:52:06 GMT

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> From: Sam Ruby [mailto:rubys@us.ibm.com]
> Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 10:14 PM
> To: general@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: Re: [OT] Servlets better for most companies!
> Kevin Burton wrote:
> >
> > It is totally illogical isn't it?  The only only 
> explanation is one my
> > grandfather put forth.  They are all masochists!
> I have another theory.  Warning: you won't like it.
> Try building jetspeed with turbine-3.
> EJB and JSP may suck, but if you use them, you don't have to 
> rewrite your
> application every six months.
> - Sam Ruby

	Here's another thought:  (you probably won't like this one either)
they have people there to pretend to answer your support questions.  When
someone buys one of these packages they usually get some form of support and
offers of training classes so that administrators and developers can sit in
a room for a week and be spoon fed instructions on how their package works
(which most people could learn from a manual in half the time).

	That's the argument that I have to face every time I try and sell an
OSS package to a client or management - who will be there to help my
technicians/support staff/other developers?  Who will teach them how to use
it?  Most managers don't want to hear about a mailing list with hundreds or
thousands of subscribers, they want a company that they can blame and/or sue
if something goes terribly wrong.  Software Vendors have done a great job of
implying that they are more liable than the OSS projects while getting
legislation (here in the US, maybe elsewhere) passed that makes their
liability just about equal.

	I think that there needs to be more companies out there supporting
the OSS projects, and those that do it need to get more visibility in front
of the managers and vice presidents so that when someone suggests using them
they don't say "I've never heard of them"


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