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From "David Duddleston" <da...@i2a.com>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] The Commons
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 21:15:19 GMT

Over the several years I have been lurking these forums, the topic of a
shared library of common classes has been discussed several times and a few
different attempts have been made to realize this goal, but all have either
failed or fallen sort. Avalon is probably the closest project to supplying a
useful set of library code, yet it lacks strong support from the community
and only has a relatively small set of classes.

Regardless of past failures, there is still a huge need for a large set of
utility classes available under one project. As it is now, you have to dig
around several project hoping to find some specific piece of code like a
decent thread pool or some specialized collection that does xyz. If you are
lucky to find what you are looking for, then you have to determine if it is
a solid piece of code and figure out if the licensing is compatible with
your project. Most of the time it is just easier to right the damn piece of
code yourself.

I have to side a little with Peter Donald on this, if you are serious about
achieving this goal, then it is better to work with an existing project that
is attempting to achieve some of the same goals. By starting a new project
is just the same as another subproject writing its own utility class even
though there is already some code in another project that is closely
related. If you feel strong that this needs to be a new project, then create
your own informal group and come back a few months later with an established
code base.

Just another rant.... Even after a few years, it still bugs me that license
and copyright mark on each piece of Apache code is so darn long. Even a dog
knows it only takes a few drops to marks its territory.


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