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From cmanola...@yahoo.com
Subject Re: What is reuse
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 01:00:37 GMT
> Creating a new project to act as a repository for util code could work.
> However things like DB pools that work best when integrated into a
> framework will unlikely to see a lot of reuse (except the copy-paste kind)
> if the framework is not adopted.
> The only way to "fix" this is to make each component self-contianed (and
> very bean-esque). This will of course entail a lot of work and will
> actually also increase duplicity. Each bean will duplicate functionality
> present in frameworks because it can not rely on the framework. Hence you
> have not stopped  duplication - you just changed it from per-framework to
> per-component.

Again - CPAN. 
I can't see why it is possible there and it's not possible here.

The whole issue is about the design of the component - if it is
"integrated" with the framework ( spaghetti-style ? ) or it's just using
other components and APIs ( Log ? ).  
It is very easy to create "adapters" between different APIs, but it's very
hard to extract components from the spaghetti and reuse them. 


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