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From Jon Stevens <...@latchkey.com>
Subject Re: What is Jakarta?
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 01:24:20 GMT
on 2/6/01 5:04 PM, "Ted Husted" <news.ted@husted.com> wrote:

> I still don't quite get why this is such an issue. The efficiency of a
> pool comes from sharing connections that use the same login to the same
> database. It would be likely that Jetspeed, Turbine, and Struts may all
> want to connect to the same DBMS, but they would not usually want to
> connect to the same database using the same login.

However, what is missing (from everything BUT Turbine's implementation) is a
"Service" that would allow you to have multiple database connection pools to
multiple different backends with different login account settings. This *is*
something that Turbine provides. Eventually, someone will come along to the
Struts project who needs this functionality and it will get re-implemented
yet again.

> Meanwhile, I do think there would be a lot of interest in a Jakarta
> connection pool. In fact, someone has offered to donate one to Struts.
> < http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=struts-dev&m=97967619230491 >

Totally friggen lame.

*All* of that code (and more) is already implemented in Turbine and can be
used outside of the core "Turbine" system very easily.

> Perhaps the thing to do would be to circulate a Request for Proposal to
> the subprojects that might use database connections, and see what we
> get back. 

No, the right direction would be to use the project which implemented this
code first and has the most complete solution and ask that project to
externalize their code in such a way that it could be used in other
projects. Oh wait. The Turbine Project already did all of that work.

It really disappoints me that Craig and the Struts project have completely
ignored the fact that they said he wouldn't compete with Turbine and would
instead work with us instead of re-implementing everything...instead, now we
have a war of duplication between Turbine and Struts.

As a result, I'm now creating an Essay titled "You make the decision." that
will explain in detail the differences on implementing a system based on top
of Struts+JSP and Turbine+Velocity. It will be up to our user base to choose
the one they prefer and the amount of lower level duplication will continue
to grow until someone wakes up and realizes that this code can be
generalized into another project...

But, I'm not going to start working on that other project until I can get
agreement and proof that Struts community will contribute to the project
because so far, they have refused to contribute to Turbine which is the
project they are duplicating...



If you come from a Perl or PHP background, JSP is a way to take
your pain to new levels. --Anonymous
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