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From Brett Morgan <morg...@news.com.au>
Subject Offline servlet/jsp invocation
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 08:45:52 GMT
We have built ourselves a nice jsp model 2 site (user invokes servlet,
which does the work, populates request, invokes jsp for rendering).

Now the powers that be want us to render this to plain html. Being
(justifiably?) afraid of doing a spidering solution, I would like to
be able to do a java app that integrates with jakarta somehow so as to
be able to create fake request and reply objects and thence invoke
servlets on these, trap the output, and then dump the output to file.

Is this possible Under Jakarta 3.1? 3.2beta?



Brett Morgan

Phone: +61-2-9004-5588
Email: morganb@news.com.au

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