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From cos...@costin.dnt.ro
Subject Re: RESET: Proposal for Revolutionaries and Evolutionaries
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 18:46:31 GMT
>     1) Any committer has the right to go start a revolution. They can
>        establish a branch or seperate whiteboard directory in which

+1 on everything, but I would like to add - "in a separate whiteboard
directory or if not possible in a branch"

Motivation - if needed:

We are a Java project, where we can use different packages, interfaces,
dynamic loading - you can make a better revolution if you use a 
org.apache.tomcat_RED package for the new code ( and maybe use whatever
you feel is not so corupted in the main set of packages).

That also means that if the revolution will be based around components,
it will be easier to integrate - and effort in general areas will be
shared ( like class loading, sessions, etc).

It also mean you'll not have to be an expert in CVS and spend lot of time
joining branches - but fixes will go into one branch and it will be hard
to integrate. I've done few CVS merges, and it's a big, big pain even for 
simple cases. 


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