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From "Luis Arias" <l...@elysia.com>
Subject Re: Use of DOM in Ant
Date Sun, 21 Nov 1999 19:44:14 GMT

> However I'd not encourage anyone to view that as "the general" case
> for XML data.  You really need to ask if a DOM model is right for
> your particular task.  And when you answer, you need to be wary of
> any biases you may have -- both "for" and "against" DOM!

Sure, this sounds level-headed !  And I perfectly agree with that statement.
Thanks again to everyone for their input on this.  It would be interesting
to explore these thoughts further but I don't want to bother people on the
jakarta list any further with this topic...

Just one last thing, (I hope I'm not getting to sound like Columbo here ...
:-) Does anyone have any pointers on appropiate lists for these
architectural type issues (preferably within open-source projects so we can
get some of these ideas translated into code) ?

Cheers !

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