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From Gregory Alan Bolcer <gbol...@endtech.com>
Subject Re: Status Update
Date Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:26:06 GMT
Not that I'd want to argue philosopy on a development list, but...

My blue sky list includes having mod_dav as a generalized repository API 
and just the server side jcvs classes to manage the versioning.  I think
DAV is an elegant protocol that content developer and Web authors have
taken up, but originally it was designed to support Web-based source
code authoring and versioning to allow decentralized software development
projects--much like Apache itself.  We've been tring to get Sun's JavaWorkshop
group interested in it for ages.  Basically the two implementations would
be funcitonally equivalent except that you'd have the added interoperability
benefit, the larger number of installed sites, better server-side searching
and lookup through DASL, better namespace manipulation (for those annoying
code tree reorganizations), standard APIs for advanced collections, locking,
and access control.  As for properties, the only difference is that you'd
probably have to add a coupla XML tags, but imagine being able to do 
src code searches based on meta tag information, doing automated  builds and
consistency and comparative checking on decentralized repositories, JIT compilation
on check-in, or a whole bunch of other stuff.  

Just thinking out loud,


Dan Brickley wrote:
> You've probably all seen this already, but is cool enough as to risk
> boring you...
>         http://www.jcvs.org/
>         http://www.ice.com/java/jcvs/
> and especially:
>         http://www.jcvs.org/servlets/JCVS/index.html
>         (excerpt)
>         Welcome to the jCVS Servlet page.
>              JCVS is a suite of Java packages that provides a 100% Java
>         client/server protocol implementation, Swing based GUI
>              client, and servlet based web service for CVS. JCVS was originally
>         authored in 1996. In 1999, the jCVS Servlet was
>              authored, which allows jCVS to present any CVS repository on the
>         internet in a web browser.

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