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From "jon *" <...@clearink.com>
Subject Re: The relationship between Jakarta Project and JServ group
Date Tue, 22 Jun 1999 18:09:12 GMT
> is it a fair question to ask about the relationship between Jakarta
> and GSP or GNUJSP?  I notice development on GNUJSP has been abandoned
> and while it seems logical that focussing all our talents on Jakarta
> is the way to go, I am wondering if I should strongly encourage my
> clients to port to JSP to be ready for Jakarta.

Both GSP and GNUJSP unfortunately have been released under the GPL license.
As a result, we cannot accept submission of the code into the Jakarta
project since that license conflicts with both the opinions of the active
developers as well as the Apache/BSD style license.

> Related to this,  I've been poking around in the last edition of GNUJSP
> and wondering if this is a reasonable migration path while we wait for
> the first Jakarta systems to appear.  Any comments on this?

My statement above is the first reason to not consider your question. But,
even if GNUJSP had an ok license, then doing the above might not be a good
idea because it just adds confusion and extra work for the developers.

A better idea would be to pull Vincent into the project and encourage him to
help with the development once the code is released. This is something that
I asked Stefano to do in private email. If Vincent wants to join and work on
this, then he is definately encouraged to do so. Otherwise, we will just
continue the efforts to release JoSPer and work on that.


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