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From "Nemesh, Jim" <JNem...@genecoop.com>
Subject Help for a new user - Working with elements
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 19:21:35 GMT

	Hi there.  I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem I've

	I'm trying to "merge" the attributes from two elements together (I
I've got the terminology correct here.)  For example, I could have two TD
and I'd like to take the second TD, and overwrite the formatting, etc in the
with the second, but retain any formatting in the first that is not in the

	So, if I had a TD that was instantiated as:
	TD first = new TD ("Foo");
	And a second TD with formatting options:
	TD format = new TD();

	I'd like to merge the two so the end result is a TD object that has
the String "Foo" and the backround color.

	Is this possible?  I've been fooling with ECS a bit, and have tried 
calling elements, keys, and attributes for these.  The attributes tag
returns the
bgcolor String for the format object.  I can get the value of the bgcolor

	But I can't seem to create a new Element of some kind and push it
into the first object.  I've tried making a ConcreteElement object with the 
addElementToRegistry method, then adding that element to the first object, 
but the TD object is not correct when printed:  <td>Foo<>#FFFFCC</></td>

	Any help someone can give me, or references to on line info would
be greatly appreciated...

-Jim Nemesh
GCI Scientific Programmer

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