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From Narve Sætre <na...@machina.no>
Subject Any activity?
Date Sat, 14 Mar 2009 00:42:28 GMT

is this project still under active development? I've made a few
changes that I would like to commit if I get access:

1) Renamed all variables named "enum" so that it compiles under java 1.5

2) Replaced "Ørjan" with "Orjan" in "authour"-annotations (some people
get compile-warnings - could probably be fixed some other way but I
was lazy)

3) Most importantly for me: I've added some accessor methods for the
registry and registryList. Needed for next item.

4) (Probably not relevant for anyone but me, I can keep this in a
separate library)

I've added a JDOMConverter that converts xhtml-elements to JDOM
elements. This is very useful if you have a XHTML-document created
using ecs and want to do something structured with it.

In my case I wanted to convert it to PDF using the "flying
saucer"-library (recommended, btw!). Instead of toString-ing my
"html"-element and then parsing it, 10 lines of code converts it to a
JDOM document which is then converted to a org.w3c.dom.Document which
is what the "flying saucer" requires. Run-time went from 15-seconds to
<1 for my sample documents.


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