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From Matt Warden <mwar...@gmail.com>
Subject ECS Project for Google Summer of Code
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 07:15:52 GMT
ECS Devs,

I am interested in a possible project working with ECS for Google's
Summer of Code. The Apache Foundation has already agreed to work with
Google for this program, but there was little information regarding
which specific Apache projects are participating. Here is some
information regarding what the role of the ECS project would be, if
you are interested: http://code.google.com/mentfaq.html

Essentially, the project would receive $500 for acting as a mentor.
The responsibilities would include the following (from the FAQ):

"Create a pool of ideas for students to choose from.
Have a person available to take in student ideas should they not find
something that appeals to them.
Have a person available to review the incoming applications marked for
that organization and decide who should go forward with the effort.
Have a person to monitor the progress of the students and mentor them
as the project goes forward.
Have a person ready to take over for that person in the event they go
on vacation, are hit by a bus, etc...
Be able to tell us about the developer, how they worked with the
group, if they should be invited back should we do another summer of
code, etc.."

I have used ECS before, and I really like the idea behind it. I have 
experience with Java, among other languages. Please see my resume at:
http://mattwarden.com/MattWarden_resume.pdf Additionally, I currently
have an article about to be published on DevX about a topic relating
to the use of XMLHttpRequest in Javascript, interacting with a
PHP-based "server" script. For a student, I have a relatively large
amount of experience and knowledge in the area, and I think I could
provide a valuable contribution to your project.

If you could let me know of any appropriately-sized projects that
might be appropriate for Google's Summer of Code and whether you are
interested in the program, I would greatly appreciate it.


Matt Warden
Miami University
Oxford, OH, USA

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