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From "Jaison Freed" <jfr...@fbsdata.com>
Subject ElementAttributes.java - PATCH - attribute_quote_char
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 04:17:13 GMT
Hi all,

Initially I mentioned this fix on the ecs-user mailing list, but I suppose
the dev list is a more appropriate location to submit the patch.

Basically, I modified the createStartTag() method as it did not take into
account the instance where the developer has adjusted the
attribute_quote_char  variable with the setAttributeQuoteChar() method.

While fixing this to make it work, I also found that the way it was
programmed it did not use the ECSDefaults.getDefaultAttributeQuoteChar()
(which is the double-quote), instead it would default to the literal
single-quote character unless a single quote was found in the attribute
data in which case it would then use the double quote.

My patch fixes the procedure to make use of the
ECSDefaults.getDefaultAttributeQuoteChar() as the default behavior.  If
the user has changed this quote char, then it will use what the user has

The patch is attached.  Please check it out and let me know if it meets
with approval.  It was *NOT* created using CVS, just a diff from the 1.4.2

Thanks for your time, this is my first contribution to such a project and
here's to hoping it's acceptable.

Jaison Freed
FBS Data Systems, Inc.
E-mail: jfreed@fbsdata.com
Phone: (701) 235-7300 x146
Fax: (701) 234-0224

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